Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wo Ai Ni

That is Mandarin for "I love You". It is missing the tonal symbols above the three words but it is pronounced :waw eye nee. I realize that my Texas accent nullifies nearly everything that I try to say in Mandarin, but surely this is so simple I should be able to do it. However when I say it to TanTan, (Hope Marie) it doesn't get even a flicker of a response, just that inscrutable expression that the Chinese are known for. Those big darkbrown eyes don't give a clue that it had any meaning.

There is an old expression used in full gospel churches, "it is better felt than tellt". I believe that will be the case for Hope Marie. Right now she is starting to feel more love than she has ever known. This is not a slight against the nannies that cared for her, they did the best that they could in tough conditions. We, unlike the nannies will be able to devote full time to loving Hope Marie, and we will be able give her all of our heart. In just three days we are already seeing the power of love in action. She opens up a little more each hour. Tonight we got the first laugh out of her. I'm sure she must think that her new daddy is crazy, I smile and laugh trying to get her to smile and when she does I almost cry.



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Anonymous said...

Little Hope Marie,

Lily says get home quick. They never run out of food or hugs over here. And you even get your own bed and clothes.

Can't wait to see you all.

The Sims

Aunt Jan said...

Aunt Jan says
Hang in there
Don't loose patience and God will see all three of you through this transaction.
Love and Hurry Home.
Am anxious to see all of you
Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

I saw the other pictures, on the other blog page.. Very cute!!
We have a very small chance of winter weather at the end of this week.
Hope you have a safe plane ride home.
Take Care.