Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Fun 2011/Haircut/July 4th

Here are a few pictures of some of our summer fun.  Busy Busy Busy this time of year.  I love it.  Hope has really had a good time during her first summer vacation from school.  I’m so proud of her for the way she took to school and then right back into summer freedom without a pause.  I love my girl. 


I should have made a separate post for each these but I’m so far behind now so here goes…BeforeIMG_7671IMG_7676During…IMG_7679IMG_7683IMG_7681



Hope really did need a haircut and she wanted to send her hair to “Pink Heart Funds” so that is what we did.  It meant a little bit shorter cut than I wanted but it was what she wanted that mattered.  We sent TEN inches of hair that will help to make a wig for a child who needs it because of medical treatment for cancer. I’m proud of my girl and she really looks cute in shorter hair and I just keep telling myself “it will grow…it will grow.”


The 4th of July was busy and fun as usual.


IMG_7793Even Malcolm got in on the fun.IMG_7811Heath and Audrey enjoyed the little pool and put on a show with their sunglasses and smiles!IMG_7804READY…IMG_7808SET…IMG_7809GO !!!IMG_7810IMG_7806IMG_7802IMG_7801IMG_7799IMG_7807

Bradley having a little fun on the scooter…hey Mom and Dad this guy need some real wheels!

I have a lot more Summer Fun to share, when time allows.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Princess Hope At The Dallas Arboretum

We recently took a short trip and visited the Dallas Arboretum.  Ronnie bought me a membership for my birthday last year…I love this place and treasure each visit, it is beautiful no matter what season of the year you are there.  Isn’t Ronnie the most thoughtful husband in the world!!


Hope has been in sort of a princess mode lately.  She wants a tiara and loves to read the collection of princess stories I recently bought her, anyway the theme of some of the displays at the Arboretum is the Fairytale Castles and she loved it.

IMG_7345IMG_7385IMG_7384Hey Princess your driver and coach are waiting !!IMG_7386IMG_7394IMG_7403IMG_7446IMG_7477IMG_7509

She’s a cutie pie.  Thanks Hope for being so cooperative …after all I only said “smile Hopie” about a ten thousand times that day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I loved it!  It was so cute.  They walked down the isle in their caps and gowns cute as they could be and smiles on their faces.  I will not post a group shot since I’m trying to be so careful about the other kiddos privacy.  Anyway here is what I can post…IMG_6777IMG_6842 (2)IMG_6848 (2)IMG_6862Hope with Nanny.  (Nanny is really Bradley Ben Sunnie and Heath’s grandmother but she loves Hopie like one of her own…and Hope really loves Nanny)IMG_6855Hope and her Grandma…I’ve got to start checking for blinks and take better pictures…sorry Grandma but Hope would not like it if I left off  a picture of you and her together. IMG_6879Sunnie Kay and Hope MarieIMG_6861 (2)Hope and her sisters…Bethany, Carmen and MistyIMG_6869 (2) Audrey Hope and Heath… aren’t they cute.

Kindergarten graduation is only symbolic but it’s lots of fun and we all really enjoyed the day!