Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fire Town


Recently Hope’s Class went on a field trip to Fire Town.  It was such a fun time for them and for the parents who were able to attend.  They have created a child sized town and have all sorts of safety programs available.  The Kindergarten class participated in the 911 education program and the traffic safety program.  They also got to climb all over and in a fire truck…Hope loved that!  Here she is checking out the bell. 012This was by far the most fun of the entire day.  Driving a jeep around the little town.  They have stop lights and crosswalks as well as all types of building…a bank a church…its just like a little town!  As you can see in the pictures below I could hardly keep up with this little speedster… she spent a little time running into the curbs and going across the center line before she got the hang of driving but when she did oh my… did she have fun!   028024The class took turns some were drivers and some were pedestrians.  When it was Hopes turn to be a pedestrian she literally ran from one intersection to the next to try and be the first one there to push the crosswalk button.  043 011 You can tell how much fun she had…just look at that smile on her cute little face!!!!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gary Contact Us…Leave A Comment Here

Gary we have been watching the news and hope to hear from you.   We are concerned about your family and Asako’s family.  We will keep the comment unpublished for your privacy.   We are praying for you all.  



Ronnie and Becky