Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vacation 2014 Part 1

Although most of our readers have probably stopped checking in because it's been sooooo very long since we posted anything, we plan to do a catch up and get back to posting about this precious child we have been so blessed call our daughter.  (somehow lost my password to my blog accounts and it took FOREVER to get everything reset).

The pictures below are from our vacation last year.  We pulled a small camper (loved the experience) and visited the Great Smoky Mountains and lots in between home and there.  Sunnie went with us and it was a blast!  She and Hope are buddies and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  

Several of the pictures are from the area around Blue Ridge Georgia where we spent two fun filled nights at a Resort there.  The others are from our time in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. If you have not gone there please do.

 I think you can tell where we took this picture along the way...

 Ivy Ling tagged along for the trip.
 Visited with some friends we got acquainted with through the adoption community. Read more about that at

 See that fast moving wide creek behind the girls....well the day before these pics were taken our friends and all four of us  (yes I did it too) floated several miles down on bright pink tubes.  It was a lot of fun until I fell off and thought I was going to go under when I got a terrible cramp in my leg. Ouch.  I survived.  The girls loved it.  Ronnie tolerated it :) and would I do it again?  Maybe!