Friday, October 29, 2010

Ready and Waiting…


All that is needed is one little beautiful Chinese American girl to make the cutest bumble bee EVER!!!!!!001

002“Halloween On The Square”  here we come….look out you might get stung by all the cuteness…I hear a rumor that you might also see the cutest little ladybug on the planet tonight and a tiny monkey who will just tickle your socks off!!! 

Fun On The Farm

Hope, Tyler, and the moon. 012A girl’s gotta have fun!017  015    016


019I may be a little short but I can sure climb up on this big tractor!020

Hope loving Dad’s new (used) toy…023  048045   031I know that I just bored you with all these tractor pictures but Hope was just getting all into this photo shoot…she kept saying “Hey mom, take one of me backing up or take one with me driving”.  I was laughing so hard I could not hold the camera still…just to explain all the blurry pics.




Recently Hope’s school hosted the awards assembly for the first six weeks.  We are so very proud of Hope.  She got several awards the one we are so tickled about is Citizen of the six weeks for Kindergarten.  Good job Hope!!   This is the only picture I will post because I want to be careful about the other kiddos privacy. 

My how time flies…



Monday, October 4, 2010