Friday, July 11, 2008

Hope Meets Her Grandfather!

We recently took a trip to Oklahoma City to introduce Hope to her Grandfather. The main reason it took so long to accomplish this was Hope's car seat issues. She had a real fear of being confined to the carseat and it took a while to get her to the point we felt comfortable in attempting a 3.5 hour trip. She acutally did quite well. We left early and came home late so that she would be more likely to nap for a portion of the trip.

She really had a lot of fun and was very entertaining. My step-father was excited to meet her. At times like this I really miss my Mom.

It did not last long but Hope sat with him long enough for a couple of time she will be more friendly...her little world has changed so very much (for the better) in the last 6 months.

My moms climbing roses out on the deck. Beautiful!

The bangs are a little long...we are trying to let them grow out.

I forgot my camera...can you believe that but my sweet sister-in law Janet saved the day and recently sent me a disk with all these great photos on it. I love her really takes awesome pictures. Thank you Janet for everything!!

It was a good day we enjoyed lunch and apple pie, my step-dad's favorite and got to see my Mom's rose bush in bloom and spent some time at the cemetary.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday...Hope is 3 and 1/2!!

Around here birthdays are celebrated almost every month of the our large extended family someone is always having a party. Hope has been to quite a few parties since January and we could tell she loved each and every one. A few weeks ago she started going around the house stiring in one of her little cups and singing "Happy Birthday" to Hope and saying with a question in her voice "Hopie's Birthday". I told Ronnie that we should just make her a cake and invite the grandchildren over to sing for her since she would soon be exactly 3 and 1/2 years old and had never had a birthday party. Well Daddy thought that we should do a little more than just make a cake so we decided a Wolfhill weiner roast and Birthday Party was just the thing! As you can see Hope really enjoyed her day...we told everyone no presents (the real birthday party is coming up in December) Hope was only interested in the cake, candles, and singing and were we ever right! She was overjoyed and so very happy. I was standing behind her during the singing but everyone said she was so beautiful and looked so precious as we all sang to her. I must say it was a very good idea!!

Hope's very first Birthday Cake...notice the 3 and1/2 candles!!A masterpiece crafted by Mom and Hope.
Hope samples the icing!!

The moment she had been waiting for...candles, cake, and her family singing "Happy Birthday".One very happy little girl! This picture was snapped while we were singing to her.

Cousin Tristan catches a WHOPPER!! There really are big catfish in the pond...they just were not biting that day!!

Hope smiled all evening...she was so very happy.

Well she was smiling right before the snap in this one. Sitting in Grandma's lap enjoying a cupcake.Hope's immediate family sharing her big day!!

Can you say "center of attention"?? The evening was all about Hope!
The kids sitting in Jeff's truck listening to music.

Oh yes there was one guest who was never really invited, and he sure caused a lot of excitement!!