Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall 2012

Can not sleep!  I have a headache…I was not sure why, I never have headaches, then I remembered we have been out of coffee for two days and I have been drinking decaf.  Oh MY now I know where that headache is coming from.  Anyway after waking up with that darn headache for the tenth time I just got up and remembered a couple of packets of instant coffee and heated up some water…the rest is history.  Although it tasted terrible, I am a brewed Folgers girl it seems to be working except that now I will probably not sleep again tonight so a good time to update since I have been so neglectful lately.

Hope is doing good in school this year.  Loves her friends and her teachers and again for the third year in a row got best citizen of her class for the first six weeks.  Is that not an awesome accomplishment?

We are so very proud of you Hope!

Other things keeping us busy have been birthdays, Carmen and Bethany’s are a week apart in September.  This year we planned a trip to Canton to celebrate.  All I can say is it was fun and WET.  So glad they have the pavilions!  Everyone went except Jeff who had to work.  You should have seen us sloshing around in the water in our hastily bought rain ponchos.  Hope’s only other trip to Canton was when she had only been home with us for a few months.   She loved it!  So did I.  Planning another trip soon…as in NOVEMBER!  Below is a picture of Hope and her prized Canton purchase. IMG_3588Not sure if we looked like a bunch of candy corn or a bunch of ducks in a row?IMG_3581

Halloween is upon us and Miss Hopie Marie has chosen to be Pocahontas…I was pulling for Mulan but what do I know! I broke out the sewing machine and even if I say so myself it’s pretty cute.  Maybe next year I can talk her into Mulan. No picture yet…


Can anyone say SPOILED!  We went to the airport to pick up Misty after a trip to Vegas of all places to visit a friend and stopped by Bass Pro.  Daddy sprung for the archery set but Hope decided against the Davy Crockett hat.  IMG_3340

This pic is blurry but shows the sweetness of their relationship.  We are so blessed with four such wonderful beautiful daughters.


While we were waiting for Misty to arrive Hope and Dad had to do a little escalator riding for fun!  This was the first time Hope had been back to DFW since the day we brought her home from China.


Boy were we ever tired in this pic…before our flight from San Francisco we had spent the night with Hope hooked up to IVs in some hospital there. Believe me we were so happy to see DFW.  Oh yes Hope has grown a bit since then don’t ya think. Correction most of us have grown a bit especially those boys…has anyone seen Tyler recently he is six one and a half in his sock feet! …he had to have some knee x-rays done and the Doc said he is not yet through growing. WHAT???