Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Catching Up

The school year is going great!  Hope loves her teachers Mrs. V and Ms. Brittany. IMG_5646IMG_5637We have a tiny new creature living at our house.  Over the last year our sweet dogs Timber and Abby both died of old age.  Daddy promised IMG_5675Hope a puppy and she has arrived!  She is a tiny little thing right now (we have absolutely no idea how big or little she will eventually be)  We got her from a city facility in a neighboring town.  She is so cute and sweet.  We are in love.  Seriously.IMG_5671

Her name is Tan Tan.  Hope was called Tan Tan at the orphanage in China and decided her adopted pet should have that name.  They told us she was part beagle and part terrier.  The Vet at first said no I think she is part Spitz, but at her last visit she said she is definitely part Pomeranian.  We looked up images of Pom Terrier mix puppies and think she is right.  Her face is certainly a match.  She was 4 pounds when we got and and is now 5.5 pounds.  She has gotten a little taller and worked her way into our family just fine.  We have never had a house pet, accept  some of our kittens when they were little, but then they moved outside.  Tan Tan will hopefully get big enough to stay outside in good weather, but if not well I suppose we may have our first house pet! 


Oh and she gets a bath VERY OFTEN!!!