Saturday, April 7, 2007

What's Her Name?

All the grandkids came over today and we colored eggs. It was great fun...I even coerced Caleb and Bradley who were playing computer games rather than coloring eggs to at least dye one Easter Egg. Our girls were here this afternoon and tonight. I really love times like this. If you have read very much of this blog you know that we do not have a name for our "Little China Girl" yet. Our entire family loving calls her by that name. We are waiting to see what her Chinese name is and also her age. At our age we could be matched with a little girl up to six years old and the older she is the more we feel that we will should give her a name that relates to what she has been called previously. Above you will see a few of names we are considering on EASTER EGGS!!!

Alaina Hope
We both like the name Alaina and I have a cousin I really love named Hope, and the word Hope is just so meaningful in this situation.

Ellieanna Marie,
I love the name Ellieanna (Ronnie is not to crazy about this name he thinks it sounds pretentious). Marie would be honoring Ronnie's dear aunt Bessie Marie.

Jami Hope
Ronnie likes Jami, (after his Dad which is sweet and a precious sentiment but I am just not wild about the name).

Ronni Malia
This is my other favorite name...of course after Ronnie and I just love the name Malia. Carmen suggested using Ronni when we were first approved. Let's see how long ago was that. Almost 2 full years, it was in early May of 2005.

If you have time leave a comment and let us know what you think about our names...which do you like the best???

Happy Easter


UPDATE: 11-02-07

SHE HAS A NAME!!! Well one name anyway...drum roll please........................................................

Her name is HOPE !!!!!!!

We have decided to use the name Hope for so many reasons. We decided about a month ago that we wanted to name her Hope. We kept is quite for about 30 minutes. HA! Actually we did tell our girls what we had decided and a few other people but really wanted to wait until we had a chance to visit with my cousin Hope and share the news with her and be sure she would want to share her name with our little China blessing...of course her answer was YES!!! She was thrilled. I pray that our little girl will have the same love of life that Hope has and that she will live her life in faithfulness to God and family just as Hope has done, and if she can be just 1/2 as sweet and fun loving she will have a wonderful life.

Hope will be one of her names and Ronnie will be choosing her other name...I do retain VETO power and the only way to overide a VETO is with the support of all three of our daughters. So if Ronnie picks something I am not fond of and all three girls agree with him then I am going to have to learn to like it.

Another reason we love the name Hope for her is that it is just so fitting. She will be coming to us from circumstances where hope is all that some of the little ones will ever have. Hope of a family to love and share their lives with. Hope of being warm and fed and supported in all the dreams she can dream and given a chance to be all that she can be.

And last but certainly not least, the greatest hope of all...the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

We cannot wait to meet you Hope and to see your sweet face. We already love you and pray for you every day.


RoLo said...

All the names are lovely and unique, my favourite is Aliana Hope.

the scrappy chic said...

Hi Guys! Sounds like you had a nice Easter. I think I like Alaina Hope. I also like Ronni. "Hope" you're having a great week! Amy

Anonymous said...

I think that jami is good with any second name

gledwood said...

Hi not that I'm in any position to preach but I'm one of those who believe Easter is inherently a pagan festival because the traditions come from way pre-Christian beliefs ... having said that what a lovely site you've got going here!

I found you quite by chance pressing that next blog button up top ...

I do a blog too, it's called Gledwood Vol 2 at You're most welcome to pay a visit. It's very different from yours. More my secret diary online. I blog about my problems which are manifold ...

All the very best to you
("gledwood vol 2")

Anonymous said...

Jami is okay not sure about a middle name. What about Faith.
For all the Faith you have. Don't know about a middle name.

kris said...

I actually LOVE Ellieanna... nice that it can be shortened in really great ways to (Ellie or Anna). Second choice, Jami- it's a name that's just full of smiles. And I happen to know one very very cute Jami (second pic from my post yesterday)!

Sharon said...

What about the name Junie or Willow?

Your sis

Sharon said...

Have you put any thought to names ?
Maybe waiting for that sweet little face. How about Mia?
You'll have to comment to me on my e-mail.

Michelle & John said...

We had such a time picking a name. Poor hubby just smiled alot and stopped commenting after nearly a year of debate! One day in the truck I said how about Raegan? He repeated it aloud a few times and said he loved it!!! Now she is Raegan Adele Conley! Seems like being able to call her by her name makes her seem more real. A name that was a close second for us is Aubrey Faith. Different, yet not weird. And still feminine! Blessings to you and we'll be following yur journey!

Anonymous said...

Have you been thinking about any names lately? what about Keria. I know you won't comment back because I know how my sister is. That would be to simple for you.


Suzy-Q said...

I think Ronni Malia is a beautiful name. Whatever name you both decide to pick will be wonderful. Given the parents she will have she will be well loved and raised in a good home with a big family awaiting her not soon enough arrival.I Love you Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Becky

Grandma Betty said...

Just read your blog 1st time ever. Thank you for Ronni's words re fathers. As I started reading your name search lines, I was thinking that Hope was most fitting, and then read your final choice was Hope! I am waiting for my granddaughter, Lauren Elizabeth who is coming special delivery from China. (LID Jan.19,'06) my daughter has had great patience re the wait...I like your term, "God has guarded my (her) heart." That's the term I have been trying to find.
May those Dec. 9 plus many more days come soon.
Grandma Betty

Jaynee Way said...

Congratulations on Hope. My daughter's name is Hope Avonlea Beth and I just love it. She is 14 and a wonderful girl who loves the Lord. I got her middle name from the town where Anne of Green Gables lived. I love the story of the orphan who finds a home so maybe it would be applicable for you. I also liked Malia. But you can use the name I used. I won't mind.

Jaynee Way

Jaynee Way said...

My daughter's name is Hope Avonlea Beth. It is a beautiful name and holds a lot of meaning. Avonlea is the town where Anne of Green Gables found a home with her Adopted Family. So it may be suitable for you. Use it if you want. All the best and congratulations on your referral. We have another 2 years to wait I expect LID 02/10/07