Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Years Ago Today! Yes It’s Been Five Years!


This is the view from our computer when the Agency sent us her first picture during THE CALL.  December 7, 2007 is a day our family will never ever forget.  Our older girls were all at work anxiously waiting for us to call them with the information about their “little sister”.  I love hearing them say that.   When we first saw the picture I cried and Ronnie almost did.  This morning I asked Ronnie if he remembered what happened five years ago today and he of course he did. I also said remember my house was perfectly clean and already decorated for Christmas that morning….he said yeah you also didn’t have those two little grandbabies who are sleeping on the couch!!

Hope is a joy and such a blessing.  If we were only younger we would definitely adopt again.  We just hope that we might inspire someone who already has been  prompted by the Lord to go ahead and take the plunge.  There are orphans all over the world who need forever families, my heart is centered on those still left behind in Hope’s orphanage in Huainan.  

Hope’s referral day came one day shy of two years since our dossier was logged in at the China Center for Adoption Affairs.  Now the families who are getting referrals in the “non special needs” program from China are waiting about six years!  That is almost unbelievable…but true.  I pray that those in charge in China will make some changes and those children waiting ( I’ve seen estimates as high as one million) for families will be placed more quickly in the future.  Please remember to pray for orphans all over the world and if you are able and God has not asked you to become a forever family there is still so much you can do.  There are numerous charities and outreach programs.  Here is a link to one.

You will be blessed…open your heart just a little and see what God has in store for your family!!!  Just look at that face in the picture above and then take a look at this.IMG_4216

A smiling happy little girl waiting patiently for Disney on Ice.  We love you Hopie Marie and are so Thankful we saw your sweet little face on our computer that morning five years ago today.