Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009 Continued...

A few more pictures of Hope in her Easter Dress. It was really pretty. These pictures do not really show how pretty it was. It was very early as you can tell by the sleepy pic below. Her little white shoes had tiny pink flowers on them. (I ordered the purse I thought matched from Children's did not.)

Already dressed before 8:00 AM and not very excited about the day!!
I love SALES...
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

A few pictures of Hope. We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was so much fun. Hope really enjoyed ever aspect of the day and the week leading up to the big day. I have some better pictures of her Easter dress on my camera and will get those posted later. By the way I have enjoyed that dress for almost an entire year. I bought it on sale last May or June at Dillards for about $ every now and then I would take it out of the closet and think about how pretty our little Hopie would look in it on Easter. More later.........

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hope's Choice For Salsa In China Challenge

Hope was really into PINK when she picked her clothes today!! I love the pink bow! The first smile we ever got from her was because of an identical pink bow. We had just gotten back to the hotel with her and she was sitting in my lap looking at the computer which was sitting on the desk and there was a mirror behind it. We had the web cam on and were letting our older daughters see their little sister for the first time and one of them said " hey Mom I can't believe you haven't put a bow in her hair yet" I grabbed a pink one and when she saw it in her hair she smiled for the very first time...I just LOVE that memory!! She thought the pink sunglasses upside down were very very funny!! Me too!! Notice the hot pink socks...she really pushed the pink a little far don't you think?
She is finally smiling for the camera...

Ronnie liked this pose...isn't she cute!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Many Faces Of Hope

She finally smiled for the camera...she smiles a lot...when there is no camera around!!

And the basketball game sitting with Sissy.

Hope is very difficult to photograph. She is doing better though. Yesterday she said "Can we take a picture ...I will smile" Thought I would just post a few of our recent attempts to take photos.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Show Off!

Just finished picking up a basket full of toys

Mothering her neice Audry

Happy Birthday Ben!

Hope is so much fun, and kinda smart too. She is intrigued with words and letters. When she hears us say a word that is new to her she will ask us what it means and actually remember it! Yesterday she was digging holes with Sunnie while I worked on the chicken pen. Hope was waist deep in the hole and wanted Sunnie to pull her out. Sunnie was amazed when Hope asked her in Spanish,"ayuda me"! Hope watches Dora the Explorer and Nihao Kailan. Maybe she will be tri-lingual.

Last week Hope and Becky brought home a Pinewood Derby car from church. Hope wanted to play with it and I told her that it wasn't ready, it needed to be sanded, painted, and the wheels attached securely. "Let's read the instructions first", I said. Hope grabbed the instructions and said, "I will read them". She looked intently at the paper and said,"It says that you don't have to paint it, and babies can hold it, and go Vroom, Vroom." I gave her the car.