Thursday, April 2, 2009

Show Off!

Just finished picking up a basket full of toys

Mothering her neice Audry

Happy Birthday Ben!

Hope is so much fun, and kinda smart too. She is intrigued with words and letters. When she hears us say a word that is new to her she will ask us what it means and actually remember it! Yesterday she was digging holes with Sunnie while I worked on the chicken pen. Hope was waist deep in the hole and wanted Sunnie to pull her out. Sunnie was amazed when Hope asked her in Spanish,"ayuda me"! Hope watches Dora the Explorer and Nihao Kailan. Maybe she will be tri-lingual.

Last week Hope and Becky brought home a Pinewood Derby car from church. Hope wanted to play with it and I told her that it wasn't ready, it needed to be sanded, painted, and the wheels attached securely. "Let's read the instructions first", I said. Hope grabbed the instructions and said, "I will read them". She looked intently at the paper and said,"It says that you don't have to paint it, and babies can hold it, and go Vroom, Vroom." I gave her the car.


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Shawnstribe said...

beautiful photos, somuch change!!!
Happy Birthday Ben