Friday, December 6, 2013

Referral Day Plus Six Years!

I can hardly believe it has been six years but it has.  We got the call about eleven am that morning.  The first thing the social worker from CCAI said was.  “Congratulations you have a beautiful daughter”

She then sent us an email with this picture attached.



She was beautiful then and gets more beautiful all the time.  She looked a little scared to me in this picture then and now when I look at it I realize she really was.  I know all her expressions and what they represent about how she is feeling.  Love that girl so much.  She has brought tons of Joy and Happiness into this home. She is a sweet child, compassionate and loving all the time.   Her little world has changed so much since this picture was taken.  Next week she will be on the team representing her school in the UIL spelling contest.  She loves basketball, and music and is learning to play the violin. She is in an archery class and will be participating in a 4-H cooking class later this month.   She is busy busy busy and loves it.

Hope, we love you to the moon and back…so thankful for hearing those words six years ago today.