Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hope Always Amazes Us

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Thank you everyone who has been praying with us.  Once again our Heavenly Father has heard and answered our prayers.


She did it!  Hope started school yesterday and it was amazing.  We planned earlier after much discussion that I should NOT be the one to take her to school on that first day. Carmen and Sunnie came over and Hope rode to school with them.  Hope has never stayed with anyone else but me, Ronnie, Misty, Carmen, Bethany, and Grandma (just a couple of times while Ronnie went out to the barn).  It is not that we have tried to shelter her or limit her potential but we all just felt right about not leaving her.  I believe that her experiences at Church helped so very much.  I used to go to Sunday School and sit in her class with her but we felt she was ready to go alone and just told her she could either go to her class or she could go with me to my class where she would be sitting quietly and listening.  She chose to go to her class and I secretly knew she would.  Miss Kathy her teacher is wonderful and always walks Hope over to my class.   Small steps and helping her build confidence in lots of other ways helped to make yesterday’s big event in a little girl’s life go so smoothly.  I’m sure there are other adoptive parents who would think that we should have put her in day care or some other program to help her with her separation anxiety but you know we did what we felt was best for our Hope with her unique personality.  It worked…She loves school.IMG_1389Ready to go! SMILING IMG_1391A little bit nervous as she was heading to the car. IMG_1392 She decided again to be very Brave!IMG_1399 Lunch was a success!

Hope is so blessed to have Carmen working at the school she attends and her very best friend  in the world her niece Sunnie Kay as a mentor.  Hope Frist Day of School 001

Ms Sherry and Ms J.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  THIS IS HOW SHE LOOKED AT THE END OF THE DAY!Hope Frist Day of School 008Bethany brought cupcakes to celebrate the big dayHope Frist Day of School 006The whole family came over for supper..Hope Frist Day of School 019   And she topped off the day with a swim with BFF Sunnie Kay.

We love you Hopie Marie and are so very very proud of you.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

School…It Just Cannot Be…I’m Not Ready…

Hope IS ready though!!  I think my baby’s gonna do just fine tomorrow.  Mamma may crumble once she goes out the door but I think Hope is ready…That’s all I have time to say now.  Check back tomorrow for an update…she just can’t be starting school…I needed a couple more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_2628 (3)                                   She is really that cute!!



Please pray for Hope      and        Hope’s Mom…


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hope’s Vacation Fun

We took Hopie, Caleb, Tyler, Bradley, Ben, and Sunnie to Port Aransas last week.  Here are a few photo’s to share her fun times!IMG_2203Everyone loved their first experience at the beach.IMG_2224 Cute aren’t they…

IMG_2607Oh how I love them all!!IMG_2611 Best Friends Forever…IMG_2235 IMG_2249 (2) Hope playing in the sand.IMG_2290They really had a lot of fun! IMG_2291Hope loves those green shorts and thought she should wear them whenever she wore her yellow swimsuit which by the way had ruffles around the bottom and created quite a bubble underneath those shorts…sometimes the ruffle hung out and looked like a tail…that’s my girl…creating new styles everywhere she goes!! IMG_2299 IMG_2358 IMG_2377 Sunrise at the beach was so enjoyable.IMG_2408 IMG_2485

The underwater viewing area  for the dolphin show at the Texas State Aquarium.   It was beautiful and it was COOL!!  Hope loved the dolphins and loved being so very close. 


To be continued…