Thursday, July 22, 2010


   July 4 2010 001

We decided to make a book of this blog for Hope to have.  This post will be the last one in the book.  We love you Hope Marie and we are so very thankful that Jesus put you in our Hearts and then made it possible for you to be our daughter … forever and ever…


Mommy and Daddy

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pool

Our niece Sarah’s friends gave away this little backyard pool last winter and we were the recipients.  When the older grandchildren were little we had a pool this same size and they all learned to swim in it and the whole family enjoyed it so much.  So when this one became available we were thrilled, of course Ronnie pulled out the big old sand filter and ordered a salt water system for it and now it’s perfect.  It’s really the perfect size for now.  Hope learned to swim in it easily and can touch bottom except after a big rain. The grandchildren were really hoping for a larger deeper pool but hey it was free and maybe someday we’ll get that bigger pool.  Here a couple of pictures of Ronnie and Hope enjoying it.008  009Ronnie tickled me when he said, “Hey let me suck in my stomach before you start snapping pictures…”

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Guest Room?

  Well, I finally did it…I surrendered!  The toys were overtaking our house.  There was no longer enough room in the living room or in Hope’s room for everything.   When we built this house we thought three bedrooms would be enough.  The master bedroom is really a nice size, but the other two bedrooms are just average anyway we had no idea we would be making room for a sweet little girl who needed lots of toys.  So for now my beautiful antique bed which belonged to my great grandmother will reside in the attic and the former guest room (we rarely have guests but it did come in handy a few times) will become a playroom.003  I do plan to take over a little area for our computer and my sewing machine but it will be mostly devoted to toys.  Since Christmas this past year our living room has been home to a large six foot basketball goal, and a doll house with all the stuff that goes with it.  Remember that cute rocking horse Hope got for her birthday in December it lives in my living room too!!   Hope’s big red barn with all the horses, cows, trucks, and fences had already found a home in the guest room but it was to crowded to spread out a good farm in there.  Needless to say I think we will enjoy the room as much as Hope does.  Just one thing if anyone wants to come visit we will try to hook you up with that classy hotel in town.  004


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When everyone was leaving after the fireworks on July 4th someone saw a chicken snake on the driveway.  The next morning Ronnie heard the scissortail’s that lived our oak tree very upset. He ran out and found the sad scene below.  That sorry old snake had climbed the tree and was after the eggs in the nest.  A couple of shotgun shells later the snake lay dead on the ground (along with a couple of the branches from our oak tree!) but we were not in time and all the eggs were gone… 

Now we live in the country and realize all snakes are not bad but when you are raising a few chickens…you really hate to see chicken snakes around.  We also lost a couple of baby chicks this year and this snake could have been the culprit.  

One interesting thing we observed was that the birds had called for reinforcements…another pair of scissortail flycatchers and a couple of mockingbirds were flying around and making noise trying to help our resident pair. 

You can imagine the excitement for Hope.  She helped Daddy dig the hole (well she watched while he dug) and then she covered up that old snake.  Anyway we do hope our birds will try again next year to raise some babies in our oak tree. 


006 020 014024  025


Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July !!

Hope had a wonderful day.  She really looks forward to all holidays...she looks for any reason to celebrate...anything!  Our family came over and my nephew Mike worked hard preparing a couple of smoked briskets and all the trimmings to share.  Thanks Mike.  

This was Hopie's third July 4th celebration.  We have always enjoyed celebrating July 4th...when the older girls were little they usually made a "firecracker cake".  That is what they called it anyway.  This year Carmen really made one... a chocolate cake with chocolate dipped strawberries... we've come a long way!!!!!
                                                           Carmen and Heath
Our Precious Hope Marie
Hope, we are so proud that you are here to celebrete July 4th with us, in a free wonderful country.  I think sometimes we tend to forget all the sacrifices that gave us this freedom.  Last evening one of Caleb's friends stopped by with another friend we had not met before and the young man was soon to be leaving for Afghanastan...that made me pause and be thankful. 


Audrey aka "Miss America"
Sunnie Kay beautiful as always!!
            Seems Red White and Blue were the colors of the day!!