Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July !!

Hope had a wonderful day.  She really looks forward to all holidays...she looks for any reason to celebrate...anything!  Our family came over and my nephew Mike worked hard preparing a couple of smoked briskets and all the trimmings to share.  Thanks Mike.  

This was Hopie's third July 4th celebration.  We have always enjoyed celebrating July 4th...when the older girls were little they usually made a "firecracker cake".  That is what they called it anyway.  This year Carmen really made one... a chocolate cake with chocolate dipped strawberries... we've come a long way!!!!!
                                                           Carmen and Heath
Our Precious Hope Marie
Hope, we are so proud that you are here to celebrete July 4th with us, in a free wonderful country.  I think sometimes we tend to forget all the sacrifices that gave us this freedom.  Last evening one of Caleb's friends stopped by with another friend we had not met before and the young man was soon to be leaving for Afghanastan...that made me pause and be thankful. 


Audrey aka "Miss America"
Sunnie Kay beautiful as always!!
            Seems Red White and Blue were the colors of the day!!

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