Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When everyone was leaving after the fireworks on July 4th someone saw a chicken snake on the driveway.  The next morning Ronnie heard the scissortail’s that lived our oak tree very upset. He ran out and found the sad scene below.  That sorry old snake had climbed the tree and was after the eggs in the nest.  A couple of shotgun shells later the snake lay dead on the ground (along with a couple of the branches from our oak tree!) but we were not in time and all the eggs were gone… 

Now we live in the country and realize all snakes are not bad but when you are raising a few chickens…you really hate to see chicken snakes around.  We also lost a couple of baby chicks this year and this snake could have been the culprit.  

One interesting thing we observed was that the birds had called for reinforcements…another pair of scissortail flycatchers and a couple of mockingbirds were flying around and making noise trying to help our resident pair. 

You can imagine the excitement for Hope.  She helped Daddy dig the hole (well she watched while he dug) and then she covered up that old snake.  Anyway we do hope our birds will try again next year to raise some babies in our oak tree. 


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