Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pool

Our niece Sarah’s friends gave away this little backyard pool last winter and we were the recipients.  When the older grandchildren were little we had a pool this same size and they all learned to swim in it and the whole family enjoyed it so much.  So when this one became available we were thrilled, of course Ronnie pulled out the big old sand filter and ordered a salt water system for it and now it’s perfect.  It’s really the perfect size for now.  Hope learned to swim in it easily and can touch bottom except after a big rain. The grandchildren were really hoping for a larger deeper pool but hey it was free and maybe someday we’ll get that bigger pool.  Here a couple of pictures of Ronnie and Hope enjoying it.008  009Ronnie tickled me when he said, “Hey let me suck in my stomach before you start snapping pictures…”

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