Saturday, February 17, 2007

HELP For The Wait

When we started out on this magical mystery tour all we really wanted was to hold her hand. I know that money can’t buy me love, but felt sure that when she experienced all my (our) loving, that she would love me (us) do. We just wanted to travel across the universe, say hello goodbye, get our little oh darling and get back to where we once belonged. I should have known better.

We worked eight days a week, on the paper chase, and some hard day’s nights. There were times that I thought you’re going to lose that girl. A day in the life was helter skelter at times, but we’re getting by with a little help from our friends. I guess that when I’m sixty four it will seem just like yesterday. Hey Jude, it may actually be yesterday at this rate.

I read the news today, oh boy. Maybe now we can say here comes the sun, unless they have another revolution. I’ve got a feeling that something is changing. To our little child I say, got to get you into my life, and please mister postman don’t be late when it’s time for us to get a ticket to ride. I pray let it be soon that we come together and this long and winding road leads her safely to our door.

Ronnie with help from Paul, John, Ringo and George

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, Becky,Ronnie, Hope Marie
Aunt Jan says
Just got your blog up She is a darling,
wish I could be there to share your joy.
See you all when you get bome.
Love and God Bless
Always, Aunt Jan