Thursday, February 1, 2007


YEAH! Today the referrals ( child matches) arrived in the USA from the China Center for Adoption Affairs. This month they matched through October 13, 2005. That is pretty good. They have been doing about 1/2 a months worth of Log In Dates each month soooooooooooooo IF they continue at the same rate we could see her sweet little face as early as JUNE!!

Down to earth again. Acutally we do not think they will continue to match as many days each month because the last of October 2005 and all of November 2005 Log In Dates are really big, meaning that there are lots of families logged in for those dates. Our thought is that we could be matched in the batch the should arrive in early July possibly late June. There is no exact date each month they are mailed just whenever they are complete which is generally about every 28 to 30 days.

Check back tomorrow for some links to some sweet little faces!!!


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