Friday, February 23, 2007

Joy in Africa

I was watching James Robison on Friday while I was eating breakfast. He was showing film footage of people in Africa where his ministry goes and digs water wells. He showed some of the terrible water holes that people had to get water from and presented facts about the number of deaths in Africa due to waterborne illnesses. I almost broke into tears when they showed water gushing up out of a new well and little children jumping up and down with joy as drops of water splashed over them. I decided we should start to support that ministry.

As I was still watching the broadcast, I was opening yesterday’s mail, one of which was from another foreign missionary ministry that we had made a modest donation to. The letter inside thanked us for the support and went on to describe how they were working in China, helping Chinese Christians to serve their nation. I almost choked up again, thinking that perhaps this ministry in China might come into contact with the family of the daughter we are adopting. I realize that there are about 1.3 billion people in China, but I am struck recently more and more with an awareness of how we are all connected in some way with people all over the world. I believe that the Gospel of Christ and His love in action is the only force that can and eventually will, unite all of the world.


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