Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vacation 2014 Part 1

Although most of our readers have probably stopped checking in because it's been sooooo very long since we posted anything, we plan to do a catch up and get back to posting about this precious child we have been so blessed call our daughter.  (somehow lost my password to my blog accounts and it took FOREVER to get everything reset).

The pictures below are from our vacation last year.  We pulled a small camper (loved the experience) and visited the Great Smoky Mountains and lots in between home and there.  Sunnie went with us and it was a blast!  She and Hope are buddies and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  

Several of the pictures are from the area around Blue Ridge Georgia where we spent two fun filled nights at a Resort there.  The others are from our time in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. If you have not gone there please do.

 I think you can tell where we took this picture along the way...

 Ivy Ling tagged along for the trip.
 Visited with some friends we got acquainted with through the adoption community. Read more about that at

 See that fast moving wide creek behind the girls....well the day before these pics were taken our friends and all four of us  (yes I did it too) floated several miles down on bright pink tubes.  It was a lot of fun until I fell off and thought I was going to go under when I got a terrible cramp in my leg. Ouch.  I survived.  The girls loved it.  Ronnie tolerated it :) and would I do it again?  Maybe!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello Again

A little catch up post here.  We had a wonderful late winter and spring although it seemed spring would never arrive.  A few Easter pictures to start off with.  Love this family of ours so much.

DSCN0847DSCN0885DSCN0765DSCN0828Ronnie Hope and I took a trip to Broken Bow in the Spring to look at the Dogwood trees blooming and to check out a cabin we rented for a trip with the family this summer.  We came across a pretty little park on our drive and took some cute pictures. IMG_6787IMG_6789IMG_6794IMG_6801IMG_6804

Heath and Audrey played T-Ball.  Such fun.  Audrey played in the pitcher circle most of the season and Heath did great at first base.  His favorite saying was “Hey did you see me tag that guy out!”


The Boys…my how they have grown. Of course one of them had to be comical in the picture…Thanks Ben!  Love them all so much and we are so very proud of them . DSCN0783End of the year school activities were awesome.  Hope and Audrey both got lots of awards.  Once again Hope was Citizen of the year for her class.  We are so very proud of both girls.IMG_1027

Then Sunnie Kay graduated from 8th grade.  Such a fun preview of four years in the future.  IMG_1047IMG_1063

Sunnie and her BFF Montana. 


Now on to SUMMER 2014…

Friday, June 27, 2014

Christmas 2013

Sadly this was our last Christmas with Grandma, she went to heaven in early January.  So very happy to have had this Christmas season with her.  She loved Christmas and she loved Christmas decorations.  One year she and several of the ladies at our church sold ornaments to raise money to buy coats for some local children who needed them.  She was a wonderful Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  She was so special to me, I believe I am a better mother and wife and grandmother because of her.   


We had some happy times during the Christmas Season too. 


I know one little girl who got way too much stuff for Christmas this year.  Her name is Hope Marie…

IMG_6218These pictures are of the Chinese Lantern Festive at Fair Park in Dallas.  Beautiful.  Some dear friends gave us tickets and we had so much fun. IMG_6299IMG_6325Also we bought a new car.  Love Love Love it.  And we are so thankful to have it. IMG_6286Also Hope Celebrated her 9th Birthday in December.  Several Friends and family celebrated by seeing the movie  “Frozen”  (great movie) and then cake and at a local restaurant. IMG_6160

Friday, December 6, 2013

Referral Day Plus Six Years!

I can hardly believe it has been six years but it has.  We got the call about eleven am that morning.  The first thing the social worker from CCAI said was.  “Congratulations you have a beautiful daughter”

She then sent us an email with this picture attached.



She was beautiful then and gets more beautiful all the time.  She looked a little scared to me in this picture then and now when I look at it I realize she really was.  I know all her expressions and what they represent about how she is feeling.  Love that girl so much.  She has brought tons of Joy and Happiness into this home. She is a sweet child, compassionate and loving all the time.   Her little world has changed so much since this picture was taken.  Next week she will be on the team representing her school in the UIL spelling contest.  She loves basketball, and music and is learning to play the violin. She is in an archery class and will be participating in a 4-H cooking class later this month.   She is busy busy busy and loves it.

Hope, we love you to the moon and back…so thankful for hearing those words six years ago today. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Canton, County Fair, & Happy Halloween!

October went by in a


We have been busy busy busy.  I am really excited about the holiday season.  Practice has already started for our church Christmas Play and Hope actually agreed to a one line speaking part this year.  That makes us so proud.  She has always been so content to sing with the group of kids in our church plays and never wanted to be featured in any way.  She is really growing up and becoming more confident in so many ways.  We are so excited for her.

This month started out with our annual shopping trip to Canton Trade Days and ended last night with our Halloween fun times. Here is a photo version of October here on Wolfhill.

First Monday Shopping Canton Texas,


Sunnie, John and Ronnie washing chickens before the County Fair



Hopie feeding her prized chicken!



Fifth place ribbon…yeah Hope.  I refuse to comment on exactly how many chickens were in her category….uh a thousand  or was it five?



Cousin Tristan showing his First place goat.  Awesome job Tristan!


Cousin Lexington second runner up for Little Miss Fannin County.

Yeah Lexi!



And we had a bunch of beautiful fall days that called for races with Heath and Audrey on the patio.  I somehow missed getting a picture of Audrey.  Sorry Miss A I will do better next time.



Drum roll please Officer Hope keeping the peace on Wolfhill!  When we were shopping for a costume I kept trying to get her to look at the really girly ruffled stuff but she had her mind made up and Wow was she cute a “Cop” !IMG_5996Heath as Darth Vader and Tan Tan the Police DogIMG_6000IMG_5999Misty and Nanny giving out candy at the Trunk or Treat.  Thank you New Zion Baptist, Ector Baptist, & Ector Methodist Churches.  It was a beautiful community event.IMG_6008The three cuties in their costumes minus the Darth Vader mask that hurt Heath’s nose.IMG_6019


Isn’t she beautiful!   Love you Miss A.IMG_6029And the LOOT!  All in all I would say Hope Marie enjoyed her Halloween Fun.  By the way there is a lot more candy-a LOT!IMG_6046

Looking forward to a wonderful November.  Ronnie’s birthday coming up then my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving.

I am so very Thankful for my FAMILY.