Monday, January 14, 2013

Gotcha Day FIVE Years Later!!

I can not even imagine that it has been FIVE years.  Time flies when you are having fun!  Our sweet little girl is now eight years old and such a wonderful part of our lives.  I cannot imagine how boring it would have been around here without this little Asian Princess to spice things up.  Of course Audrey and Heath coming along after Hope came home just really made our lives so perfect.  Hope loves those little ones as well as the older grandchildren and they all are in love with Hope too.  Ronnie and I are constantly challenged by being parents of an eight year old.  The new way they teach MATH is maddening to us old school fans but we are learning right along with our sweetie.  She is so smart and kind.  We love hearing her rattle along about her day at school and her friends.  Right now her only extra curricular activity is basketball.  I actually tried to encourage her a little to join coach pitch baseball this year but she insists that her only love is basketball.  Our little girl will be the best little(probably somewhere around four foot ten when she get to varsity) basketball player our little school has ever seen! She is tiny but that does not dampen her spirits at all.  Ronnie put her up a basketball goal this year and she will probably wear it out practicing. 


Our first glimpse of our sweet daughter.IMG_0016_2

I could not wait to scoop her into my arms…just had to hold myself back from squeezing her and scaring her even more than she already was.Copy (1) of IMG_0032Those EYES told the whole story.  Her world as she knew it was changing.IMG_0019_2bJust look at the grin on Ronnie’s face…what a treasure…I will never ever forget how we felt those first few moments…and the moments just get better all the time.IMG_0021_2

We are so thankful for Hope Marie, for her incredible spirit that has helped her to transition from the scared little baby she was on January 14, 2008 to the beautiful, articulate, fun, smart, loving daughter she is today.  We love you Hopie…forever and ever! We are so glad we listened to that still small voice that made us a family.

IF God has ever spoken to your heart about adoption  please just listen…it will change your life in miraculous ways!