Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrating Easter

We always try to put the emphasis on the true meaning in each of the religious holidays we celebrate as a family.  Attending church on Easter Sunday as a family is precious…especially when your entire immediate family is able to be with you.  Hope was blessed this year to have all her sisters and their families with her in church.   We were blessed to have her… with us!  This time last year was tough and we will never forget what we went through and we will always remember Wade who is missed even more on special occasions.  When I consider that he went home to be with the One who died for us and was raised again on that first Easter Sunday, it sheds a fresh light and peace on our celebrations.

We are blessed…EASTER 2011 098

These three girls will almost always smile for the camera!

I’m sure Carmen has a better picture but he was just to busy opening up every egg he found to look at the camera!!Easter 2011

Of course the older guys opted out of the photos.  I did sneak a few though.  EASTER 2011 010

Yes that is paper plates on the table ON A HOLIDAY…but the girls insisted and I was so very tired!!  A family reunion and a holiday on the same weekend kept me so busy.EASTER 2011 054

EASTER 2011 068

Somehow they just prefer to not get in the way of my camera.

EASTER 2011 028EASTER 2011 013EASTER 2011 043EASTER 2011 024EASTER 2011 025Hey, candy is candy …  even when you are ten…I hope she keeps hunting eggs till she is twenty!EASTER 2011 015

Some hiding places required a little creative stance to get them picked up without getting muddy.

Isn’t that hair gorgeous?  Soon we will be getting it cut…sending it to “Pink Heart Funds” to be made into a wig for a child with cancer.  I keep telling myself…it will grow again!!  

EASTER 2011 030