Friday, November 28, 2008

I Don' Wan' Go Back China

We are trying for an open, honest relationship with Hope concerning her past so that she can gradually be prepared for the difficult questions she will have in a few years. Therefore we mention China often and ask Hope if she remembers the time we spent in China together. We also look at pictures and some video with her, but have found that "Gotcha Day" video is troubling to her. Another thing that we have discovered is that all of Hope's memories of China are not fond memories.

This is to be expected, but we were surprised at the intensity of her feelings. At certain times, bedtime being one, Hope will get a worried look and in a woeful little voice say, "I don' wan' go back China." This just breaks our heart and we immediately reassure her that she will never have to go back to China. Apparently there is a fear in her little heart that she may be enjoying a temporary situation that will end with her being back in her old life.

We have planned to teach Hope about the culture and heritage of her homeland and help her be proud of her native land. As we come to realize some of the feelings that Hope is experiencing we have decided to back off a little on the talk about China, and ask the Lord for wisdom in this. It may be that children who were adopted as babies will not have these kind of issues but we suspect that any child that is adopted after two or more years in an orphanage might have similar feelings. Maybe if the child had been in a foster home there might be a difference.

Our job for now is to help Hope become secure enough in our love that all fear is banished and when the time is right we will reintroduce her to China.

There is no fear in love; but matured love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18

Hope at an outing at the Park

Happy girl

At the orphange we visited in Hefei

No heat in the orphanage, all bundled up.

Jewell,Becky, Hope, and I after the visit

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

We celebrated Ronnie's birthday last weekend with a family picnic at the State Park. We had lots of fun and you know Hope really enjoys birthday parties. She gets so very excited and loves to sing "Happy Birthday." All of the girls and their families were able to be there with us and Hope got lots of attention. Click HERE for more details on Wolfhill site.
Daddy and Hope ... wow I love this picture...
Helping Daddy blow out his imaginary candles. We found them after we got home...

Ben and Hope

Grandma, Sunnie Kay, Hope, and Ben.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008 Hope's First

The CUTEST little Black Cat in Texas

After visiting with Aunt Janice we headed to the square where the merchants have candy and balloons and lots of goodies...
Then home for fun with the family a Wolfhill Tradition a family weiner roast and hayride which Hope loved loved loved!!!

One tired little "Kitty"

Almost too tired to say "Trick or Treat" at Grandma's...but she said it anyway!!Now I'll just be glad when all that candy is gone. Hope has really had a lot of fun opening candy up and trying it...some she liked...some she just walked to the trash can!!
This is just the beginning of the excitement and fun she will experience during the upcoming weeks...up next Daddy's birthday...then Thanksgiving ( my favorite holiday )...then Tyler's birthday...then HOPIE'S BIRTHDAY just in time to start off a wonderful time of Celebrating the Birth of our Saviour Jesus.