Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008 Hope's First

The CUTEST little Black Cat in Texas

After visiting with Aunt Janice we headed to the square where the merchants have candy and balloons and lots of goodies...
Then home for fun with the family a Wolfhill Tradition a family weiner roast and hayride which Hope loved loved loved!!!

One tired little "Kitty"

Almost too tired to say "Trick or Treat" at Grandma's...but she said it anyway!!Now I'll just be glad when all that candy is gone. Hope has really had a lot of fun opening candy up and trying it...some she liked...some she just walked to the trash can!!
This is just the beginning of the excitement and fun she will experience during the upcoming weeks...up next Daddy's birthday...then Thanksgiving ( my favorite holiday )...then Tyler's birthday...then HOPIE'S BIRTHDAY just in time to start off a wonderful time of Celebrating the Birth of our Saviour Jesus.


amy said...

such sweet pics

Anonymous said...

Hope that little black kitty doesn't get sick on all that "trick or treat" goodies
Glad she had a good time.
Aunt Jan

Shawnstribe said...

aww how adorable is that Kitty cat : )
so gorgeous