Friday, October 31, 2008

A Walk In The Park

Here are a few pictures of Hope at the park. Grandma went to get a flu shot and Hope and I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and the beautiful park.

To share a little insight into Hope's growth progress. The clothes she is wearing in these photos are size 2T. I purchased them to take with us to China. I remember looking at them and thinking of taking them back to get size 3T.........I am so very glad I didn't. These were the only clothes that came close to fitting her while we were in China. Now she fills them out perfectly, in fact when I buy her anything new now I do get 3T. Isn't she just a CUTIE PIE!!


amy said...

she is just darling but you knew that

Anonymous said...

Braggin' comes easy, doesn't it. Don't blame you. She has progressed a long way, thanks to you an the whole family plus a lot of prayers.
Aunt Jan