Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello Again

A little catch up post here.  We had a wonderful late winter and spring although it seemed spring would never arrive.  A few Easter pictures to start off with.  Love this family of ours so much.

DSCN0847DSCN0885DSCN0765DSCN0828Ronnie Hope and I took a trip to Broken Bow in the Spring to look at the Dogwood trees blooming and to check out a cabin we rented for a trip with the family this summer.  We came across a pretty little park on our drive and took some cute pictures. IMG_6787IMG_6789IMG_6794IMG_6801IMG_6804

Heath and Audrey played T-Ball.  Such fun.  Audrey played in the pitcher circle most of the season and Heath did great at first base.  His favorite saying was “Hey did you see me tag that guy out!”


The Boys…my how they have grown. Of course one of them had to be comical in the picture…Thanks Ben!  Love them all so much and we are so very proud of them . DSCN0783End of the year school activities were awesome.  Hope and Audrey both got lots of awards.  Once again Hope was Citizen of the year for her class.  We are so very proud of both girls.IMG_1027

Then Sunnie Kay graduated from 8th grade.  Such a fun preview of four years in the future.  IMG_1047IMG_1063

Sunnie and her BFF Montana. 


Now on to SUMMER 2014…

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