Sunday, January 28, 2007

Referrals for January

It is almost referral (match) time again. The last group came in early January and the next batch will probably not get here until sometime after Feburary 1. We have read several different predictions about how far into the October 2005 LID dates they will get this month. Some say maybe through the 10th others are speculating as far as the 17th. Each day matched is one day closer for us. Since they send matches out about one time each month we can sort of estimate what month we might get matched in...maybe May or June, but more likely July or August.

It is really a difficult time. There are so many things that you cannot plan until you know when you will be traveling to China. The trip is usually 6 to 8 weeks after you get your match. We will be gone for approximately 14 days. We have started collecting a few items that we know we will need. She will not have anything except the clothes she is wearing when she is given to us so once we know how old she is we can begin to buy the basic things she will need.

We are hoping for MANY MANY days of October 2005 in this match group!!!!!!!!!

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