Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now the fun part begins!!

After the disappointment of the extended wait, Ronnie and I have focused on other things. First there was baseball season (last spring) at which time we thought we would be getting her in the fall. Then came summer and we thought we might be getting her around Christmas or the first of the year. In the fall of this year it became obvious that we will probably not be matched up with her until this summer. As of the first of this month when matches were made we began to think WOW now we are getting closer. LID dates September 28, 2005 through December 8, 2005 must be matched before us but when they get to December 9, 2005 it will be OUR TURN.

So even though we think it will be at least 6 more months before we see her little face we are going to start on a project we are looking forward to...her room. Now that is exciting.

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Anonymous said...

How is the room coming? Can't wait to see what your doing to it.