Saturday, January 20, 2007

Referral Analysis

Our agency puts out a newsletter each month to help keep us informed. They usually have a timeline in it that lets us see where we stand at this point. Right now it looks like we could get our Referral (match) in May. WOW May! We will try our best to not get too excited, because it is only an estimation based what the CCAA has done during the past 6 months. They alway remind us that they could slow down and do less each month which would extend our wait time. Actually we are just happy that they are getting closer to December 9, 2005.

We still have not chosen a name for her and will probably wait until we see her little face. We will know the right name when the time comes.

Today we went to Dallas to be re-fingerprinted for our upcoming I171 document. We will be sending off the forms this week for a new immigration approval since ours expires in March. While we were there we met a very nice young lady from China, named Kasha, (isn't that a beautiful name) who we enjoyed visiting with about China. Ronnie even tried out a little of his Chinese that he has been learning. The main phrase he had learned so far is "I do not want any, I have no money" He thinks he is funny!!! I have news for him I will be right behind him saying "how much"? I have already made a list of quite a few items I plan to buy while in China. One of many lists I have made over the past few months.

Room Update
We have decided on a paint color for her room. Belgian Waffle by Olympic Paints. A very pretty soft yellow.


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