Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Guest Room?

  Well, I finally did it…I surrendered!  The toys were overtaking our house.  There was no longer enough room in the living room or in Hope’s room for everything.   When we built this house we thought three bedrooms would be enough.  The master bedroom is really a nice size, but the other two bedrooms are just average anyway we had no idea we would be making room for a sweet little girl who needed lots of toys.  So for now my beautiful antique bed which belonged to my great grandmother will reside in the attic and the former guest room (we rarely have guests but it did come in handy a few times) will become a playroom.003  I do plan to take over a little area for our computer and my sewing machine but it will be mostly devoted to toys.  Since Christmas this past year our living room has been home to a large six foot basketball goal, and a doll house with all the stuff that goes with it.  Remember that cute rocking horse Hope got for her birthday in December it lives in my living room too!!   Hope’s big red barn with all the horses, cows, trucks, and fences had already found a home in the guest room but it was to crowded to spread out a good farm in there.  Needless to say I think we will enjoy the room as much as Hope does.  Just one thing if anyone wants to come visit we will try to hook you up with that classy hotel in town.  004


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