Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hope’s Vacation Fun

We took Hopie, Caleb, Tyler, Bradley, Ben, and Sunnie to Port Aransas last week.  Here are a few photo’s to share her fun times!IMG_2203Everyone loved their first experience at the beach.IMG_2224 Cute aren’t they…

IMG_2607Oh how I love them all!!IMG_2611 Best Friends Forever…IMG_2235 IMG_2249 (2) Hope playing in the sand.IMG_2290They really had a lot of fun! IMG_2291Hope loves those green shorts and thought she should wear them whenever she wore her yellow swimsuit which by the way had ruffles around the bottom and created quite a bubble underneath those shorts…sometimes the ruffle hung out and looked like a tail…that’s my girl…creating new styles everywhere she goes!! IMG_2299 IMG_2358 IMG_2377 Sunrise at the beach was so enjoyable.IMG_2408 IMG_2485

The underwater viewing area  for the dolphin show at the Texas State Aquarium.   It was beautiful and it was COOL!!  Hope loved the dolphins and loved being so very close. 


To be continued…



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