Friday, April 10, 2009

Hope's Choice For Salsa In China Challenge

Hope was really into PINK when she picked her clothes today!! I love the pink bow! The first smile we ever got from her was because of an identical pink bow. We had just gotten back to the hotel with her and she was sitting in my lap looking at the computer which was sitting on the desk and there was a mirror behind it. We had the web cam on and were letting our older daughters see their little sister for the first time and one of them said " hey Mom I can't believe you haven't put a bow in her hair yet" I grabbed a pink one and when she saw it in her hair she smiled for the very first time...I just LOVE that memory!! She thought the pink sunglasses upside down were very very funny!! Me too!! Notice the hot pink socks...she really pushed the pink a little far don't you think?
She is finally smiling for the camera...

Ronnie liked this pose...isn't she cute!!


M3 said...

Oh this look is adorable!!! Way to go Hope. Love the glasses. :-)

Donna said...

Yes, she IS cute! And I love those pants!

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