Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It's Referral Time Again!!

Last month was a bit of a let down for us since the CCAA only matched 2 days. This month they Matched Log in Dates through November 1, 2005. We actually thought they would make it that far in April. We are excited because they Matched 6 days while that seems to be a small number of days it is much better than last month.

We are getting closer!!!!!! With a December 9, 2005 LID we should get our Match sometime within the next 6 months. Probably the earliest month that our LID would be included would be August and that would a miracle. That would mean that they complete the month of November during June and July...probably will not happen. October took about 4 months.

Maybe September will be our month...seems like just a couple of months ago we were saying maybe June or July. One thing I know for sure is that International Adoption is complicated and unpredictable. And so once again we continue to wait.


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