Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Fun Rumor!!

There is a little rumor floating around on Rumor Queen that the batch this month might be a larger batch than what we have come to expect as the norm. I love her website. She shares what she hears from a lot of different sources and is always careful to remind the reader that what she posts is a rumor. It would be so great if this rumor turned into a fact.

Our agency is great about keeping us up to date on any facts that they have and we really appreciate them and always feel we can trust and depend on them. Waiting has been so hard and we have appreciated reading blogs and adoption journey websites to help pass the time. We are looking forward to holding that little girl in our arms and looking into her eyes and we are getting closer each month.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day and I am looking forward to the next Mother's Day when I feel sure we will have our "Little China Girl" home.


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