Monday, January 21, 2008

Hope's first doctors appointment

A busy day in Guangzhou China. We took Hope Marie for her Medical Exam. Two children in another adoption group have come down with Chicken Pox, so our guide, Kathy changed our appointment time so as not to expose Hope to the virus. We went at 08:30. The weather outside was delightful, just cool enough that long sleeves or a light sweater felt good. There were many people out exercising in the beautiful park in the middle of Shamian Island where we are staying. It was a nice walk to the clinic, but a little tough on Becky because Hope would not let me carry her. in the office Hope did well, crying only when the nurse took her from Becky's lap to weigh her.
When the exam was over we strolled back toward the hotel and stopped in Starbucks where Becky had a latte. We had pizza from Papa John's for lunch and it was a welcome change from Chinese fare.After lunch Becky went for an appointment to fill out forms for Hope's visa and I stayed at the room with Hope. Jewell went out for some shopping. For about 15 minutes Hope didn't realize that Becky was gone and played happily. When she began to hunt Becky she would go to the front door and knock and kick lightly. Then she would go to Jewell's adjoining door and do the same thing. After she realized that Becky was gone she was somewhat subdued and played with less enthusiasm. After a while I noticed she was swaying as she stood against the bed and she was practically asleep on her feet. I laid her on the bed and she roused a little but I opened her Peter Rabbit book and read a few sentences and she went sound to sleep.
Jewell came back about an hour after Hope went to sleep and while she was showing me what she had bought Hope woke up crying. I picked her up and brought her to look out the window and she allowed me to comfort her and continue holding her until Becky came in about 10 minutes later. This was a major breakthrough. For a while after Becky returned Hope shunned her and pouted a little bit. No telling what thoughts and emotions are going on in that little head. Later in the evening we went out to eat and shop, and once again Hope would allow only Becky to carry her. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I know that outfit Hope has on from somewhere. The Childrens Place . Now how would I know that hmm.Did she check out okay at Dr. appt. It's getting closer to USA time.

Vicki said...

Poor little girl. It is awfully scarey the first trip to the Doc. Hopefully she will be healthy and not have to make many trips there.

Just want to tell you how much you are loved and missed. See you soon sister, Vicki

Anonymous said...

When will you and becky take her to church?