Saturday, January 26, 2008


Their flight leaving Hong Kong was delayed 4 hrs causing them to miss their flight from San Francisco yesterday. They are scheduled to arrive home today around 4:00pm. Hope is not feeling well please pray for her. Also, please pray for their safe return home.

Hope's Family


Anonymous said...

What did the Hospital say about Hope???

Anonymous said...

Yeah you made it.I have some goodies for Hope.
Love ya, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky
Olivia weighs just about 3-4 pounds less than Hope.

I hope that Hope starts feeling better. We are looking forward to meeting Hope.

Take Care,
Amber Howery

Shawnstribe said...

We are praying.
Safe and a very Happy home coming!!!!
Shawn and AilaMei (UK)

Vicki said...

I am so glad that you are all home safe and secure. I am so sorry that darling little girl is so sick.

Getting to hold her last night was wonderful, can hardly wait to do it again.

Hopefully this trip to the hospital will be over with and not very tramatic in a short time.

Hopefully, everything will turn out for the best. She has so many people that love her and praying for her. God will protect her and keep her safe. He will give us all strength and courage in these times of need.

I will be here for you anytime you need me, all you have to do is call. I love you all very much and will see you soon.


Anonymous said...

I am checking your site often. I hope all made it home and that everyone is feeling better. My heart goes out to you with all the delays on an already hard task of flying with a new child. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Mitchell said...

Becky, Tim's cousin adopted a little girl from China and a little boy from Vietnam. I thought she might have some insight into what you are going through. I sent her the update email concerning Hope being put into the hospital. Here is her response. You are all in our prayers. Lisa Mitchell
It sounds like food poisoning. I'm not surprised about the chicken pox. Our doctor thought Sally's C.P. vaccinations were done too close together so he gave her another series. He said when they are too close together, they have a higher failure rate.

It's certainly crazy for them right now. Their situation is familiar to most families. Sometimes crisis's drop like a box of rocks. I'm sure you have your tales. It's just really tough when it's a "new" family that just got put together and your a long way from home. When we finally left Guangzhou with Sally, I had severe upper respratory distress (the pollution there is AWEFUL), Garry had a respritory infection and Sally was breaking out in a nasty, full body case of skin mites. We had to sit in a plane for over 12 hours in that misery. It took over 3 weeks to clear the mites up.

You can tell her it will all settle down and this all will be her "labor stories". "I was in labor for over 4 days while I got puked on!" she can say. Now that they are back, they will begin to hear others horror stories. Families that had to split up, half go home because the childs paperwork wasn't spotless. The wife left in Saigon with the new 12 month old by herself, not sure what would happen tomorrow. The husband who had to go home to his job or loose it. It all works out.

Strange as it sounds, she needs to remember this. Write it all down. These stories will be important to the girls when they grow up. They are their "birth stories". We all have stories about our birth into our families. My mom was born in the hallway of Wilson N. Jones because they had so many births that day, there were no more rooms. I was the only one of my family not born in Texas. I'm a buckeye because Dad was transfered to Marion, Ohio. These family stories are very important. "I puked ALL OVER my Mom when they carried me off the plane in San Fran!!"

Keep me posted on the girls progress. When things settle, they may want to look for a "Families of Chinese Children" type of group in their area. We've been to some fun group activities here with one. Chinese New Year is the biggie.

A couple we got to know real well when we were in Vietnam adopting Josh (they adopted a little boy, Kevin) adopted a 4 year old girl from China. She's a doll! Her and Sally get along like a house on fire. She's 11, now. There were a few adjustment problems. Whenever there was big change, (they moved shortly after bringing her home) she would revert to speaking Chinese and singing Chinese childrens songs. She's fully adjusted now. It's a sweet family.