Friday, January 11, 2008

***January 11, 2008 In Beijing

All I can say about this day is that I am very tired my foot hurts and Ronnie is already I have got to get some sleep. Pics tonight more words tomorrow when my brain is actually working.
Tomorrow The Great Wall. Cold, Cold, Cold, If the wind is blowing ....then no cable car and we will have to climb it!!!!! I think I can.....I think I can.
Love and miss you all Becky


Anonymous said...

Ya'll act like it is cold or something. Becky what is that thing on your head? Just to let you know it has turned out to be kinda a nice day here in Texas.
Stay warm...

Love Ya,

Marfa said...

This day has been a long time coming! I have shed lots of happy tears today. I am eager to meet this special child.

The pictures are beautiful and the two of you have never looked happier! Nothing but smiles! PTL!

Martha West