Sunday, January 20, 2008

TanTan (AKA Hope)

TanTan (aka Hope) is really coming alive and testing her bounders. Maybe for the first time in her life she can be herself and it is ok. We were talking to them on line Saturday morning and Sunnie would say Hi TanTan and she would repeat anything Sunnie said. Sunnie is going to be a wonderful niece and great help to Aunt TanTan. She really enjoys seeing her self on the web cam she will blow us kisses and even kiss the camera. She enjoys being the center of attention which is great for our family because we are all about spoiling her and paying for it later. She still will not let Dad carry her but he is winning her over letting her put bows in what little hair he has. She is laughing and has learned several new words.
We spend about an hour maybe longer on line with them each day sometimes twice a day. For any family reading this who is about to make the journey of a life time invest in a web cam for you and your family who is patiently waiting at home. It allows your family to become a part of your child's life from the first day they become yours and seems to make the time fly by.

Someone from China will be posting pictures soon.

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TanTan's big sisters and family,
Carmen, Bethany and Misty

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Anonymous said...

Sounds funny to hear that Sunnie has a three year old Aunt. I'm sure she will love going to games watching her niece and nephews.