Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She Is Ours...Officially

Our Precious Hope Marie

A Winter Wonderland greeted us again this morning.

Tan Tan all ready for adoption day.
Asleep in Daddy's arms! (right now that is the only time she allows anyone but me to hold her)
Our Meeting with the Notary who is similar to a Judge in our government.
Photo with the Director of the orphanage that was home to Haui Dong Tan for the first three years of her life.

Today was adoption day and I was overcome with emotion as the documents were finalized and I realized that she was now our daughter forever. From the day we were approved on May 11, 2005 she has been our daughter in our hearts but now on January 15, 2008 China has declared it so. We are so thankful to the Peoples Republic of China for trusting us to raise this precious little girl. We are very thankful for our Agency Chinese Children Adoption International and for the China Center of Adoption Affairs for making this possible. We are also thankful for our supportive family especially our daughters and to Jewell who so unselfishly is supporting us in every way and taking most of these precious pictures that we will treasure always.

Most of all we give Thanks to the Lord for blessing our family with another precious daughter...Hope Marie


Vicki said...

See, I told you it wouldn't be long until she was yours 100%. Can't wait to see and talk to you guys later today. Vicki

Anonymous said...

I know you are very happy now. Enjoy your time over there. It won't be long she will be in USA. She is a very cute little girl. She seems to be bonding well. Can't wait to meet her.
Love Ya Sis,

Anonymous said...

Finally the end of 2 1/2 year pregnancy! I am so happy for your family that the wait is finally over and you can give this beautiful little girl the life you have longed to give her. I cant wait to meet her.
Much love to you,