Monday, January 14, 2008

A Day To Remember Forever

Our bags are packed ready to go meet Huai Dong Tan.Hotel lobby waiting for time to leave to get our little girl

Well I tried but the tears started before we even arrived.Our guide and adoption facilitator smiling... she is very sweet and helpful.

Outside the civil affairs office where Hope was waiting for us.

TanTan had already arrived and was in the room when we arrived. I knew her recognized her immediately and the nanny then brought her around to us.

Jewell said this one is for you Misty...

Today has been incredible. God's peace that passes understanding has really kept our hearts and minds, including Hope, who we now know has been called TanTan by the nannies at the orphanage. We are calling her TanTan as of now and will gradually introduce the name Hope to her. She is a "mama's girl", although she will let me hold her for a while if Mama's not too far away. Hope was very calm at the civil office where we met her for several minutes, then had a complete meltdown with loud crying and profuse tears. After the nannies had calmed her a little, they slipped out without her knowing. One of the nannies was crying. We appreciate their care for Hope and the love that they feel for all of the children they care for, which has to be spread so thin.

We left the office a few minutes later and rode to the hotel and Hope was quiet and looking around at the city scenes and us. She has settled down amazingly this afternoon with only two crying episodes, once when she got her bath and shampoo, and again when the doctor came and examined her. She has a slight rash and some congestion in her upper chest. Other than that she is in good shape. Jewell and I walked to a nearby supermarket with Yisha, our guide for a few groceries. When we came back we met Becky and Hope walking in the hall. Thanks to everyone, friends, church family, and anybody who has been praying. We are amazed at how she is doing. We know that there are still hurdles ahead, but with your prayers and God's answers we will make it.



Anonymous said...

congrads!! Hope is so cute, I'm still praying for ya'll. We can't wait to see hope.

amber and Olivia

Vicki said...

Well sister, you did good, she is quite beautiful and will fit in perfectly with my other three beautiful nieces. Cant wait for your return home. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got home.. Thought you'd have more pictures up of Hope. She is cute. She looks about the size of the kids I see at work. How did sleep go for her? Or should I say how did sleep go for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such precious moments. Thanks for sharing with us.

Tammy Zemel