Thursday, January 10, 2008

***January 10, 2008 We Are Here!!

After all a girl needs her stuff...........3:00 AM Wednesday morning. January 9, 2008 heading to Beijing. First stop DFW.We got through customs and through the security screening and that is a story for another day.

Going to meet Hope Marie

Ronnie bording the plane at DFW.
First flight to SF.Did someone say Global warming...I don't think so!!!!! Somewhere over Alaska

This is our chariot that brought us from San Francisco to Beijing.

We had just arrived in Beijing in this picture. It was a long long flight. If we seem really happy it could have something to do with being OFF of that plane!!

They are telling me I have to wait in this silly chair for 2 more days and then get back on a plane to get to Hope...
After arriving in busy busy Beijing we had a light supper and tried to stay awake until bedtime. Our internal timeclock are a little bit confused

Just a quick post. This has been an incredible day. We arrived in Beijing about 4:15 pm China Time (2:15 AM Texas Time) We left DFW right on time at 8:04 and got to San Francisco on time (whenever that was Ha) and promptly went back through customs and onto that Giant Jumbo Jet that brought us safely to Beijing. We are so Thankful to the Lord for our safe journey here to the homeland of our daughter Hope...Huai Dong Tan. Monday morning China Time we will be united, more about that later.

We had some turbulence on the flights not really bad just pretty rough. We had a rough time getting any sleep and that stretch from San Francisco to Beijing was very long, over 12 straight hours of flying 6029 miles and that is just from SF. At one point the temperature outside the plane was -85. Beautiful scenery. I will post a couple of pictures...more later...we need rest.

Family, we love and miss you be careful stay safe and kiss yourself on top of the head (guys).
until our Lord bring us all safely home again together with Little Miss Hope Marie.

Friends, thank you for your prayers and we love you.

Tired, and a big day of touring Beijing glad the Great Wall will not be until the next day.


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