Saturday, January 12, 2008

***January 12, 2008 Headed to the Great Wall

Not much time this morning. We are going to the Great Wall. Just wanted to say we miss you all and love you before we leave. Caleb, Bradley, Ben, Tyler, and Sunnie remember that we pray for you every day and love you very much. To our Girls and their hubbys we love you, take care of each other.

We live in a wonderful country...America!!

China is beautiful the people are so very interesting and hardworking. I have so much in my heart to share just no time...

I admit that I wasn't to keen on coming to Beijing, it's really cold. But, I'm so glad that we did. Yesterday we took a rickshaw tour through a Hutong. A Hutong is a neighborhood of back alleys with dwellings in courtyards behind walls. We went through areas that people have been living in for over 400 years. Words cannot describe it, we will post a bunch of pictures later. Also, the food in the pictures was delicious. It was in a restaurant like none we had ever seen, hidden in courtyard, with individual private dining rooms. We had Kung Pao chicken, cabbage, sweet and sour pork, beef with celery, and soup.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like ya'll are staying real busy. Can't wait to hear about the
trip to the Great Wall. Enjoy yourself it's not to often you get
to go on trips like this. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.