Saturday, January 12, 2008

***January 12, 2008 Happy Birthday Misty!!

We climbed the Great Wall of China to celebrate your birthday, just wish you could have been here with us. We love you Misty and are so very very proud of you. Happy Birthday.
Love Mom and Dad

Well we did it. We went to visit China's Great Wall. I'm sure that everyone knows the story so none of that...just that it was as awesome and I thought it would be and am so glad that we went. By the way......drum roll please. Ronnie made it to the TOP, at least to the top of the section that everyone hopes they will be able to climb. I knew he could do it and I knew that he would. I went about 1/3 + of the way up not quite half and Ronnie and I of course started talking about the boys and said " how far would they have made it by now?" Ronnie said all the way up and back down again. Jewell waited at the first section guard tower and I went back down to where she was after seeing Ron make it all the way to the top.

More later we have to pack and get ready to leave for the airport by 8:30 am. After we get settled in at the new hotel tomorrow evening we will try to spend more time on line catching up on emails and on posting. We have about 7 to 800 pictures already. This time in Beijing was for seeing the sights and getting our sleep clocks on China Time and that has been very easy actually. They say the tough time is coming home and returning to USA time.

Hope must stay 2 more nights in the orphanage and then her little world will change forever, even though we know that it will change for the better....she may be scared and upset. Please pray for her. Our prayer for her is still that she will feel God's peace around her and transition to our care with the least amount of upset. Thank you so much.

We are very waiting for our precious Hope.

Happy Birthday again and your sisters are the reason we know we can handle this. You are all so very precious to us.



Anonymous said...

Good moring!!! Still looks like you all are very cold..It's almost 9am here. I just had a hot bowl of oatmeal and was thinking about you when your out in the cold. After the trip to the last outting all of you should be in shape. Don't know how your aching legs feel. I bet it was worth the aches and pains. Not long until you see little Hope. I'll check in on you later.

the scrappy chic said...

I am so excited for you guys! Glad you got to climb the wall. It looks amazing! Hope you are enjoying yourselves, and that all goes well when you get little Hope tonight!