Monday, February 4, 2008

A Short Note From Becky

A Happy Hope

Hope REALLY Happy

Hello Everyone,

I have about five minutes...Hope is down for a nap and the house is very quite. I have sooooooo much to do.

We are blessed. That is the most important message I can share right now. Hope is so precious and we love love love her!!!!! We are so thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless our family with this sweet little daughter.

Well my five minutes is up. Hope just woke up very scared and crying mamma. So sad, she looks terrified and it breaks my heart. We can tell that she loves us and is very attached to us but is still dealing with the fear and upset of her past and of the changes that have taken place in her young life over the past few weeks. We cherish her and yearn to take away all her hurts and fears, so for now most of the posts will be made by Ronnie...I just cannot take time from her but wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for all your prayers and support. Please continue to visit this site for the latest news about Hope's progress...tomorrow is her first visit to the pediatrician in his office.

To all my online buddies at RQ and all the Yahoo adoption groups and email friends I have not forgotten you all and really need the support and friendships we have shared. As soon as time and Hope allows I will be back.

Busy Busy Mom



Anonymous said...

Now that third picture does not look like a happy picture. That looks like a little fit picture. She will adjust. I look almost everyday to see if there are new pictures. I would put some up of Lexington just don't have the hang.

Debbie and Sam said...

HI Becky,

I was just looking at some old posts on RQ and saw your post looking for someone from Huainan. I am EMAsMom on RQ with a daughter from the same SWI. Her name was Huai Dong Song. We brought her home on Sept 1, 2007 and she turned 3 on Halloween. I went back and read your through your trip to Anhui and the White Swan. I would love to share what each of us knows about Huainan SWI. I would love for my daughter to have as much info as possible. Perhaps they were in the same room?
Our blog is


Ronnie and Becky said...

Actually Sharon that last picture is not a fit she is laughing like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One very happy little girl except when she is in the car seat. I will probably not be able to go any farther than Wal Mart for months........oh well.