Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She Is So Smart

Hope is learning fast. Some of the latest things she can say:

"just a mimmit"

"there it is"

"quit that"

"no no Tylah"

"see you later" among others that I can't remember. Amazingly, she not only says the words but uses them in the right context.

Two nights ago I came by the house for supper and was about to to back to work. I was concerned that Hope would get upset if she saw me leaving. ( she has really gotten attached to me since I have been staying with her during the day) I went to her bedroom door where Misty and the grandkids were all around her playing at the mirror making a ton of racket. I said very quietly to Misty, "I'm going to slip on out and get back to work." Immediately Hope said, "bye bye Daddy" and never missed a beat in her playing. She also was totally unconcerned about my departure.

All parents think that their baby is extra smart, maybe some parents that have Chinese children more so. I hate to admit it, no matter where she came from, but my little baobei. (Chinese for precious darling) is really, really smart. If you will excuse me now I must go and check on her, I think that she is on the brink of perfecting "cold fusion" in her bedroom laboratory. Wait, scratch that last comment, it's just an unbelievably stinky, poo poo diaper.


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Tonya said...

Thank yall so much for keeping us updated. So many get home and leave us hanging. We who are waiting need to learn about the after not just the before.Thanks for letting us learn with you.