Monday, February 18, 2008


Hope displaying some of the gifts she has received since arriving home. Several of Misty's friends from work have sent gifts and we are so thankful and appreciative of their kindness. Hope loves her doll buggy and looked really cute in her pink and red Valentine outfit, then she really put on a show by grabbing that purse where she keeps a special little rattle that we sent to her in her China. We were surprised one evening when she picked up that cute denim purse and put it on her arm just like she had been doing it all her life!! Really cute!! The purse came with a darling pair of jeans and a top that are a little big still, but she is really growing. We are hoping when we go back to the pediatrician soon that those scales will prove it!! She was just so tiny when we got her and now seems so much heavier. Believe me I am building up my muscles!!

Also Hope's friend Sabrina loaned us a toddler bed to put in our bedroom. Thank you Sabrina. By the way notice the dolls sleeping in it...they are actually the only ones who use it...Hope tends to prefer our bed...I know I know...not good, but we are really working on that!! Sabrina also bought Hope a very very cute little brown church dress with yellow and pink dots on it and a pretty pink bow in the front. How I wish she could wear that NOW!! It is adorable. Even though it is a 2T in size it is still too big.....

Kyla who is a great family friend and one of Bethany's best friends sent Hope a wonderful praise and worship CD which we love and a precious Storybook Bible we have been reading every day. Hope's attention span is growing and I'm lovin' that... we are reading to her every time she slows down for a minute or two!!!

She actually did get into this little bed last night and covered up laughing until we said "night night Hope".........oh well. I'm really thinking of using Carmen's crib for a while................


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Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Keep them coming.
Hope is so precious, Have ya'll been home for a month yet??
MOre pictures the better and keep blogging too!!
I love reading it, but after I read your blog I see and understand so much more in the pictures.