Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting Into the Routine

Hope went to church Sunday and was a very good girl. She had fun, ate 5 or 6 donut holes in Sunday School, and played musical chairs during the song and praise service by switching from one or the other sisters or Mom and Dad after each song or more often. On the way home she had one of her famous meltdowns when she decided about 15 minutes from home that she didn't like the baby carseat anymore. Becky and Sunnie were in the back seat with her, but nothing they tried could make Hope happy.

We didn't take her out and we didn't stop. We just endured her pitiful wailing until we reached our driveway. We are concerned that if we stop and take her out that it will reinforce her belief that if she cries we will capitulate. We do take into account that some unpleasant memory may be being triggered when she is in the carseat, so we are trying to only take short trips until she has adjusted to this issue.

She had a busy and funfilled Sunday afternoon, walking over to Grandma's for a visit and then playing with Sunnie, Bradley, Ben, Caleb, Tyler and her older sissies. Becky took the squeaker out of one of her squeaky shoes. That cuts the noise in half but we still have the benefit of tracking Hope by the sound of her shoes. Also, Hope tried eating with chopsticks and is a natural, not quite coordinated enough yet, but has a good start.

On Monday Becky has gone back to work and I am staying home with Hope. My supervisor is allowing me to work an evening shift for a while so that me or Becky will be able to be with Hope at all times. Today Hope woke up at about 6:45 ready for breakfast. We walked over to Grandma's for about an hour and a half then came back and had lunch at 11:30. She fell asleep in my lap while we sat in the recliner and ate ice cream, and napped for an hour and a quarter. It is almost time for Becky to get home and I know that she can't wait to see Hope. This is the longest she has been away from Hope since we were united with her in China on January 14th.



Anonymous said...

no pictures???

Vicki said...

I know it was hard for Beck to go back to work, but it is also good that Ronnie is getting to spend some alone time with her as well.

I love you all, Vicki