Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Little Longhorn

Hope's friend Ronda gave her a Texas Longhorn Cheerleader outfit and it is really really cute!! Ronnie and I are Longhorn fans and Ronda is a faithful OU fan! Anyway Texas-OU weekend is a lot of fun at my job with so many Longhorn fans and so many OU fans.

Ronda was so sweet to "crossover" and buy Hope such a thoughtful and cute gift!!

Thank you Ronda.

Here a few pictures. Hope has a mind of her own now when we are trying to take pictures of her. It sometimes takes 20 or 30 shots to get 1 good one. I am a real fan of digital photos...

This is the only full length photo we were able to get

Carmen and Bethany both tried to help us get a good was a lot of work!!



Anonymous said...

Looks really good. Course I'm predijust, being a Longhorn Fan.
Love Aunt Jan

the scrappy chic said...

Really cute...but I must say she would look more natural in an OU cheerleading outfit:) Just kidding! I am glad she is doing so well. Bethany tells me about her and I think it's wonderful!